What is a hackathon? A hackathon is a mixture of „hack“ and „marathon“, where “hack” is used in the sense of exploratory programming. Our hackathon is a 48-hour-event, where geeks, techies, designer, digital nomads, creative minds, entrepreneur and number crunchers come together to find in small teams creative and innovative solutions on a specific topic. There is no limit to diversity – everyone who wants to be part of something great is welcome.


Why HACKADON? HACKADON was the first smart city hackathon with Google Assistant in cooperation with Google, MediaMarktSaturn, IFG and INVG in Ingolstadt 2018.

One of Google’s smart home devices is the so-called Google Home mini, which looks like a donut. That’s why we named our past event HACKADON – a combination of “hackathon” and “donut”. But as you live in a great region nearby the DONau river (Danube), we thought we keep that name.

This year, we are going to repeat this awesome event and start HACKADON Volume 2.

The focus of this years hackathon is on making your city smarter with sensors and LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN is a networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated ‚things‘ to the internet and an important part of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is much more than just another network.


What is the goal of HACKADON? Our hackathon this year aims to develop services for making your city even smarter with sensors and LoRaWAN. This is your chance. Exhibit your talent for pioneering innovation at the cutting edge. Develop smart services in the public or private sector, where sensors and the Internet of Things helps to make things better and smarter. From smart farming to industry 4.0, mobility or anywhere else – there is always something new to discover.


If you haven´t had an idea yet you maybe get inspired by some areas of interest in this little Inspiration Document.



Work hard, play hard.

Besides a lot of fun in your teams we offer workshops outside the box, little extra-challenges, pitch training, a chillout and play area as well as a mini-makerspace.


Stay hungry, stay foolish.

We provide you food for free at all times of the day so that you can focus on your project.


Be part of something great.

Meet sympathizers who like to invent, change, develop, create, test, build and to be crazy enough and who are real team players.




11.15 Accrediting
12.15- 12.40 Starting point HACKADON
12.40- 13.05  Key Note
13.05- 13.55 Pitch event | Find your team
14.00 Start Hacking
15.00- 16.00 Workshop: „Who is Who: LoRaWAN, TTN, IoT“
17.00- 18.00 Ideation Workshop by Founders Fight Club
18.00- 21.00 Dinner time
23.00- 00.00 “Outside the box” workshop
08.00- 9.00 Morning Yoga
08.30- 10.30 Breakfast time
09.30- 10.30 Workshop “Make it work: LoRaWAN Device mit Arduino und TTN”
12.30- 14.30 Lunch time
15.00- 16.00 Pitch Training by Founders Fight Club
18.30- 20.30 Dinner time
23.00- 00.00 “Outside the box” workshop
08.00- 9.00 Morning Yoga
08.30- 10.30 Breakfast time
12.30 Deadline HACKADON Prototypes
12.30- 14.00 Lunch time
14.00- 15.30 Pitch time
15.45- 16.00 Award ceremony
16.00 Networking
17.00 End




Do I have to be a programmer to attend?

NO! We’re looking for a diverse group of people who want to work on an idea for a few days. You’re a designer? Help create the user interface. You’re a business rockstar? Help create a business or customer plan. You want to try coding for the first time? We will have introduction workshops that will give you a first glance about coding. During the event a support team will help you and answer all your questions.

Is it just for students?

Not it isn´t. Anybody who wants to hack those 48h is welcome. Professionals, students, hobbyists. You only have to be at least 18 years old.

How many people will the hackathon have?

We’re planning with ca. 60-70 attendees, students, professionals and hobbyists come and join us! Just apply here!

What about hardware?

The hackathon will take place in the brigk Makerspace. A professional prototyping workshop, with plenty of boards, tools, and gadgets for you to check out and where you can build prototypes and products! You can also let us know upfront what you need in your registration sheet and we’ll get it for you.

What can I build?

Basically, any innovative service you like which makes in your opion a smart city even smarter. You can incorporate our gadgets and build a highly sophisticated prototype which you can demo live. The main goal is to build something (ideally with LoRaWAN) and to showcase it. Less Powerpoint – more Prototype!


Only projects started at the hackathon will be eligible for prizes. But sure you can brainstorm upfront or let us know what you would need for an awesome prototype.

How do I find a team?

A team should have max. 5 people. On the first day, we will have a short pitch event. That means, you can come with an idea and tell everyone what you’re looking for or you get inspired by other people. Maximum team size is 5 but of course you also can work in projects on smaller teams, there is no minimum size. We also offer the possibility to find teammates before the event – contact us.

What should I bring to the event?

Your computer (laptop or desktop), any electronics you want to use, chargers, toiletries and a sleeping bag or blanket and pillow if you’re planning to stay overnight and we hope you will! And of course, your registration.

Overnight Stay?

Sure! You can stay overnight if you want. We won´t stop in these 48 hours. And you will have the opportunity to find a place to rest.

Will there be travel reimbursements available?

Unfortunately not.

I don´t have an idea yet. Do you have a little inspiration?

It is no problem if you haven´t had the time to come up with an idea yet. You can attend without idea. In the 48h Hackadon you will have enough time to come up with something good! And sure we have a little inspiration for you. Here we put some Inspiration for you together in which fields you can dive into. And additionally there will be an ideation workshop (see the agenda).



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